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Health Insurance

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Cafarelli Insurance Agency, is pleased to announce our new subsidiary company, Executive Design Planning, LLC.    This acquisition expands the sales and servicing of our health insurance division with our dedicated representative, Mary Lou Beska, who has 30+ years of experience  in the insurance industry, including 15 years as a human resources manager, managing all phases of employee benefits and implementing policies and procedures.  Mary Lou is responsible for account management and is our primary contact for the insurance carriers and our groups (small and large).  You may contact her for plan quotes or to discuss your current plan's renewal.  Mary Lou also provides daily account administration to our group clients, which includes plan design, enrollments, terminations, COBRA administration and claims resolution.

In today's world and economy, there are many people living without health insurance.  Health insurance is an important necessity that everyone should have.  The problem facing many people today, is the sky rocketing costs of health care and its lack of affordability which is the main reason that prevents people from being able to find suitable health insurance.

Cafarelli Insurance Agency, understands the plight of those seeking health insurance.  We will use our knowledge of the many options available for health insurance to aide in lowering your health insurance costs.   Whether you are self employed or your employer does not offer health insurance coverage you may find yourself shopping for an affordable health insurance policy.

Knowing the type of health coverage you will need and the different types of health insurance plans available are key features in the decision of obtaining health insurance.  Cafarelli Insurance Agency, will help you become knowledgeable of the different types of health insurance plans, what the health insurance carrier pays, and what are the deductibles all of which are the most important savings steps to finalizing your decision in choosing health insurance.

The different types of health care coverage are:

  •    Indemnity Health Plans

  •    High Deductible Health Plans

  •    Indemnity Plans

  •    Health Savings Accounts

  •    Basic & Essential Health Plans   

  •    Cafeterial/Flexible Spending Plans

There are many insurance companies offering a varied selection of health care plans that can be customized to fit your specific needs and financial budget. 

Most health insurance policies provide coverage for:

  •     Doctors visits

  •     Prescriptions

  •     Medical Testing

  •     Specialized Care

  •     Surgical Procedures

Please contact  today, Mary Lou Beska, of Executive Design Planning at office phone  # 631-543-2205, to allow us to do what we are best at - "shopping" for the best health insurance suited for the needs of you and your family.